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Columbarium Designers has personnel with many years of engineering, architectural and construction experience who will combine your program needs in both present and future planning.

“Creative, efficient, reasonable and certainly easy to work with is what our Parish found working with CDI.”

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Planning and planning and then more planning will ensure a successful, beautiful Tribute Center or Memorial Garden that is completed on time and within budget. Columbarium Designers’ experienced representatives will work with you throughout the entire process to ensure it is done right!


Your Columbarium Designers representative will consult with our in-house architects and engineers to determine the best approach from a design and construction standpoint. Our design professionals will produce preliminary conceptual drawings for the project. The design will reflect the individual character of your organization and the uniqueness of the community.


Columbarium Designers represents the highest standards in columbarium construction. Our crews are experts in construction through experience, knowledge and technical skills. They have a great pride in workmanship with attention to detail. All construction is carried out with minimal disturbance to the remaining property. There are not any challenges that we cannot anticipate and overcome.

Continuing Services

Long after your Tribute Center becomes an active part of your community, Columbarium Designers will still provide continuous support: Record keeping Ordering of engraved columbarium bronze plaques Ordering engraved brick / stone pavers Marketing support Maintenance reminders

Memorial Benches

Columbarium Designers Memorial Bench Benches are almost always a must to have in a Tribute Center so your visitors can rest, relax, meditate, and contemplate. We offer a wide selection of memorial benches. These make a wonder gift for a donor to give your church or organization.

Memorial Statuary

Columbarium Designers Memorial Statuary Statuary and fountains create an instant serenity in a Tribute Center. They artistically accent any setting. We offer a wide selection of statuary and fountains in large selections of materials. These make a wonder gift for a donor to give your church or organization.

Engraved Bronze Plaques

Columbarium Designers Engraved Bronze Plaque You can select a bronze plaque design for each niche of your columbarium. As needed, you simply place your order through the online tracking system. Each bronze piece is custom-produced by master craftsmen who are committed to your satisfaction. We’re dedicated to supplying our customers with the highest standards of quality.

Engraved Bricks and Granite

Columbarium Designers Engraved Brick Engraved bricks and granite bring beauty to a Tribute Center or Memorial Garden. They are an affordable way for all your members to participate in the Center or Garden. Your donor has the ability to personalize a brick or granite paver. Engraved bricks and/or granite can be ordered through our online tracking system.

Marketing Your Tribute Center

Columbarium Designers commitment to each client begins with the first conversation. Our dedicated team has the depth of experience and market knowledge to enable every client's goals to become a reality. Retail sales analysis Individualized sales materials Support documentation - such as artwork Strategy consulting Inventory management

Online Record and Archival System

Columbarium Designers keeps it simple for you with an online tracking system. You will be able to track all your sales and important records related to your Tribute Center/Columbarium in one easy, user friendly system. Pull reports as needed and stay on top of your Tribute Center Program. We will even remind you when it’s time to tend to any necessary maintenance!

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A Columbarium Program Offers Compassion

Your group is excited it has made the decision to include a Columbarium on the campus. The committee chose the perfect design and construction partner, loves the master plan. Enough niches have been sold so construction of the first phase has been completed. The tracking of the sales online is easy and everything is going great! There is a death of a member and the family approaches you needing help. You are ready to offer guidance in selecting a niche, but realize their grief is deep and they really need your help and compassion.

What is a Tribute Center?

Tribute Centers can provide the organization with a vehicle for raising funds for other missions or endeavors while creating a place of spirit. Whether it is team spirit, school spirit, Military association spirit, or community spirit are the areas of interest that a Tribute Center can fulfill.

Why we Memorialize a Loved One

Choosing cremation doesn’t mean a person doesn’t want to be honored, memorialized… remembered. Some individuals want to be cremated and then scattered, but they can still be memorialized. It is important to memorialize because it says that their life mattered. A monument, whether it is a plaque on the outside of a niche, or a plaque on a memorial wall; serves as an everlasting tribute to a life worth remembering. It is a final gift.

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