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What is a Tribute Center?

Organizations, universities, colleges, schools and churches are always looking for new and different ways to raise funds while serving the community. As a society that has always recognized the efforts of others, honored our fellow associates, family members, military members and college associates; a well-planned Tribute Center can indeed offer the perfect place and the perfect solution to the age old question: “What can we do for our members?”

Tribute Centers can provide the organization with a vehicle for raising funds for other missions or endeavors while creating a place of spirit. Whether it is team spirit, school spirit, Military association spirit, or community spirit are the areas of interest that a Tribute Center can fulfill.

The question is often asked, why should we consider a Tribute Center? The answer is not so simple, but the answer is always the path to success with the program. The Tribute Center is a physical place but the management and the operation of the Tribute Center is really a “Program”. A program that is properly planned and that has goals and team members that believe in the program and are willing to make the commitment to insure the program’s success. This task is accomplished by partnering with a company that has the background and the experience to lead and direct the organization down the path to success.

The Tribute Center is a place, often a place or piece of property that is unused or is perhaps between two buildings, a place that really has no use; rather, it is a maintenance issue for the organization. Taking up a space of no more than 30 feet wide and 50 feet deep provides a wonderful starting point for the Tribute Center. Of Course, size of the space is really not the critical element; the passion to succeed by the organization is the key element to success.

The Tribute Center will have various elements and materials to allow the members to participate in by purchasing an item to remember or to honor someone or something meaningful in their lives. A place and a product to pay tribute to a loved one, or an associate, or the birth of a grandchild, the wedding date, the anniversary date, the friends we made in college or the fellow soldiers we served with are a few examples. The properly planned Tribute Center will have all of the various elements and products for selection and purchase by the membership, each level of participation is always taken into consideration in the marketing of the Tribute Center. Having something for everyone is but one of the objectives.

Having something different, something meaningful, something that matters, is something that we are all looking for. The properly planned and designed Tribute Center will forever offer a place of spirit, a place of remembrance and a place to pay tribute to our friends and family.



joanne zimmermann I am trying to convince our church to house columbaria inside instead of outside. Can you help me?


Phyllis Rice Joanne, There are a number of reasons to have a columbarium inside. The main reason is the weather. Another reason is if the church wants to use marble, wood, or glass front niches; these will not do well outside. Contact me at: 800-964-4020 and we ca





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