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Cremation and the Church

When we were at the Moody Bible Institution Pastor’s Conference we had a couple pastors that expressed concern about cremation. We decided to answer the concerns with a quote from Billy Graham.

How do we pay for the Columbarium?

With more and more churches across the country examining the possibility of putting in a Columbarium Program into their organization the question sometimes comes up: “How do we pay for it?”

5 Things to Consider Before Planning a Columbarium Program

There are many reasons why a church or an organization wants to offer its members a columbarium program.

Why A Columbarium?

This morning as I was driving to work I heard a song on the radio called Dust in the Wind. The band Kansas released the song on their album “Point of Know Return” in 1977, Kerry A. Livgren wrote the song. That song seems to always bring tears to my eyes.

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Military Tributes

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