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Columbarium is a Memorial - because We Love Them!

I think we all have a desire to be remembered and to remember our loved ones. Psychologists tell those who suffer the loss of a loved-one to establish a permanent memorial. Memorialization assures the living that the person we lost will never be forgotten. Having their cremains put into a niche in a columbarium gives us a place to visit, and gives a peace of mind knowing that our special person is “close by”.

How is a Columbarium Installed?

If the committee has done their job, top to bottom, the decision for the installation is rather simple. The company selected by the committee has their own installation division along with their own construction crew. Professional installation of your columbarium project is the only proper decision for the committee to make as it will insure complete success and satisfaction at the conclusion of the project.

What is a Columbarium Niche?

A columbarium can be almost any size and can be put in areas you may not think to use. They do not take much space and can be located in unused areas. There are endless options. A church recently put niches behind their altar in a chapel. It works perfectly for them. A cemetery recently included a columbarium as a retaining wall. Another church put a columbarium in their prayer garden, making it a place of reflection, prayer and a place to remember the loved ones of the church members who are memorialized there.

What to Consider When Designing your Columbarium

This question is often asked at committee meetings and in general discussion around the conference table with a group considering a columbarium for their organization.
Location, location, location? Do you want the columbarium outside or inside? If outside, do you want it close to the current building, near a door, is there already a garden area you would like the have the columbarium in.

4 Vital Questions for Churches to Ask

With competition being both a good thing and many times a bad thing, it becomes very important that the church committee have the confidence and the correct strategy to select a company to partner with for the design and construction of their columbarium project.

A Columbarium - Not Just a Product

There needs to be a well-structured organization within the church committee to manage the success of the program. Many times the committee does not know how to do this. Your design-build partner should be able to lead you through each and every step of the program. You will not be alone.

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