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What is a Church Memorial Garden?

Memorial Gardens can be a church garden which has a Columbrium included in the garden, a place for cremains and it may include different forms of memorial items as art objects such as sculptures, statues or fountains, benches, plaques or engraved bricks that remember loved ones or special events. More and more churches across the United States are adding memorial gardens with columbariums to their campuses. With more people choosing cremation, having a columbarium on their church campus makes it an easy choice for the family to decide their resting place.

Memorial Gardens have been around for thousands of years. The Memorial Garden is designed for each and every person within the community. They are also planned for expansion and to continue to meet the needs of the community or the organization. A Memorial Garden is a peaceful and comforting place of spirit. The properly designed and planned Memorial Garden becomes a location for all people and a beautiful place to host events such as special services, weddings as well as memorial services. 
Because our society is very mobile and is made up with people from all over the globe, paying respect and memorializing friends or family members that are far away is a very common action. A Memorial Garden is a wonderful place to honor a fallen soldier, pay tribute to family members or for remembering a special event by including an object with a plaque so others can read the plaque and be a part in keeping the memory alive.

In considering the demographics of the community or the organization, care needs to be taken to include every possible memorial opportunity for participation. Often, some organizations will create a “survey” to ask for participation “if” the project is put into place. But it takes years of experience to create the survey that leads to the proper response. The results of just asking the community or organizations members if they would participate usually come back negative because enough information is never provided. A survey properly prepared and presented will secure the information needed for a successful plan of operation.

With proper guidance, the location can be identified and secured usually without any problems. The location for the Memorial Garden should be able to grow as the need from the community or organization grows. Providing opportunities for participation by all members of the community or the organization is perhaps the most critical element of the Memorial Garden. It is necessary to work with a company that has many years of experience in the creation and execution of Memorial Gardens. With the target audience properly identified, the proper plans can then be put in place to insure success with the garden.

The type of products and material selection for the Memorial Garden is also a critical decision. Using materials and methods of construction that are of low maintenance and long life are essential for program. It is important to work with a company that has years of experience in the development of Memorial Gardens to plan for the use of these materials and put forth in the construction of the project.

The elements of product selection and use is perhaps the most important element of the Memorial Garden and by not knowing what is available could hamper the program. Having the “something for everyone” plan leads to more success with the program and knowing what to offer the families or the organization takes time and knowledge. Your Memorial Garden can be a huge success, properly planned with the company that has the knowledge and experience to guide you along the way.


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