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Some things to Consider for a Successful Columbarium Program

First and the most important thing to consider is choosing a design/build company. Does the company you are considering as your partner have experience in the industry needed to make a successful Columbarium Program for your church or organization? Though this may seem like a simple question it is something to consider. Every day new companies enter into this field and they do not have the credibility or experience. Does the company respond to your phone call or email quickly? I am always surprised by people who tell me that we are the only company that has called them back. You want the design/build company to be attentive to your needs. 

Do you have a managing plan in place? After the “sale”, one of the critical elements of the truly successful columbarium program is the service that is in place after the program is completed. Is there a plan for keeping records, is there an operations manual in place, have you developed the rules and regulations for the columbarium? These and many other elements are needed and must be in place to have a truly successful program. Does your columbarium design/build partner have a plan in place for your program? 

Who will be in charge? Someone has to be in charge. The failure of a program is always due to the lack of leadership and the lack of record keeping. The committee needs to have in place the business plan that will insure that the Columbarium Program will succeed and continue to serve the needs of the church or the organization well into the future. In short, record keeping, rules and regulations, sales contracts, inurnment orders, memorialization records are but a few documents that have to be in place for success of the project. 

Location, location, location. Columbariums can be designed and installed almost anywhere. The high density of a columbarium means that relatively little space is required. A columbarium can be almost any size and can be put in areas you may not think to use. Having the columbarium easily located, making it convenient for the families to visit loved ones helps them feel connected to the church or the organization. Location is sometimes limited so working with your design/build partner is very critical. Having the columbarium outside may make it easier for the project to grow into additional phases, adding additional niche units as needed. Though many churches and organizations are finding areas inside their facilities that have no other use. The planning of and installation of a columbarium has been a very successful project. Being inside a temperature controlled environment is pleasing to the families and many times enjoyed by other visitors. Your design/build partner will help you determine the best location for your church of organization. 

A Columbarium Program is a well thought out, well planned program that leads to success. A Columbarium Program is a relationship between the committee and the Columbarium designer/builder. This relationship leads to a successful project because both are in it together. The committee and the design/builder have a partnership that leads to a successful project and each and every member of the organization is proud and pleased with the finished project. 

Today’s church columbarium is a meaningful, thoughtful addition to the church or organization and it will continue to develop and grow into the future as the cremation rate continues to grow in our country. A columbarium meets several needs within the church or organization as it provides a place of spirit, security, beauty and devotion. The church columbarium is just another mission of the church and it needs to be viewed and operated as a separate and individual program.


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