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So You Don’t Want a Columbarium on Your Campus, BUT...

Are you looking for a new way to raise funds for your organization that also provide a service to your members? You’ve looked into having a Columbarium but aren’t sure about having a Columbarium on your campus. Well maybe you like the idea of having a prayer garden. A beautiful, peaceful place for people to go to pray that is a place of spirit but you are not sure you want a columbarium in the garden. Or you don’t have much space for a garden but you do have areas around the entrance to your building but not sure you want a columbarium at the entrance. Maybe there is some space inside your building but just not sure about a columbarium, though you would like for your members to be able to give tribute to those they love or to have a place where members can use to note special events in their lives. As a society, we have always recognized the efforts of others, honored our fellow associates, family members, military members and college associates; a well-planned Tribute Center can offer the perfect place and the perfect solution for your members without having a columbarium on your campus. 

A Tribute Center is a physical place but the management and the operation of the Tribute Center is really a “Program”. A program that is properly planned and that has goals and team members that believe in the program; that are willing to make the commitment to insure the program’s success. This task is accomplished by partnering with a company that has the background and the experience to lead and direct the organization down the path to success. 

A Tribute Center is a place, often a place or piece of property that is unused or is perhaps between two buildings, a place that really has no use; or it is a maintenance issue for the organization. It can take up a space of no more than 30’ wide and 50’ deep provides a wonderful starting point for the Tribute Center. Of Course, size of the space is really not the critical element; the passion to succeed by the organization is the key element to success. 

A Tribute Center will have various elements and materials. A tribute Center is a place and a product used by the members to pay tribute to a loved one, or an associate, or the birth of a grandchild, the wedding date, the anniversary date, the friends we made in college or the fellow soldiers we served with are a few examples. The properly planned Tribute Center will have all of the various elements and products for selection and purchase by the membership, each level of participation is always taken into consideration in the marketing of the Tribute Center. Having something for everyone is but one of the objectives. 

A Tribute Centers provides the organization with an avenue for raising funds for other missions or projects. The process is detailed and it does require sound business practices to insure success. The design/build firm selected for the design and the construction of your program should provide your organization with a business plan that outlines and defines the steps in the fund raising process.
Having something different, something meaningful, something that matters, is what we are all looking for. The properly planned and designed Tribute Center will forever offer a place of spirit, a place of remembrance and a place to pay tribute to our friends and family.


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