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One of the top Columbarium Committees Objective

The first element on the list of objectives for the committee should be, and needs to be: “Choose the design-build partner”. The design-build partner needs to be able to take you from the unknown to the completion of a successful columbarium program.

Make sure your design-build partner specializes in the type of project you are considering. Many contractors are including scopes of work outside their expertise, so be careful not to select someone who has never completed a successful design-build columbarium program. Look to a company that specializes in this unique arena.

The design-build partner should have significant experience. The first element on the list of objectives for the committee should be, and needs to be: choose the design-build partner that can take you from the unknown to the completion a successful columbarium program. Yes, a “program”. Without a program, the project will fail. We believe that a church or organization needs more than just a columbarium unit with niches, but a plan, strategy, and a process for success. Additionally, not having a well-qualified “partner” in this project will increase the chance of failure.

Committees must come to the realization that interviewing potential design-build companies is very important and perhaps the one element that will determine the overall success of the project. What are you looking for? Is it just about price or is it about the whole process? Is it about experience and successful programs or about how many completed projects?

Once you start calling design-build companies, consider their responsiveness. Regardless of time of year or how busy the market place is, there is no excuse for not returning phone calls quickly.

Find out how long they’ve been in business, what is their process to ensure a great customer experience? Ask yourself, how do they seem on the phone? Are they listening to my questions and providing answers with confidence and concern for my situation? Chemistry is important. Chances are you'll be spending a lot of time with your design-build partner so make sure you get along well and are on the same page about the goals that you want to accomplish. Research and verify the background and the experience of the companies you are interviewing, visit some of their job sites; if possible, call other organizations that have used the potential company. Do the research. Review their website. Do they have a brochure? You will be rewarded as you select the very best possible company to work with. Keep in mind that this is really a partnership that can and will lead to a successful program. Make the decision carefully as the decision is most critical. Of course credentials are also important but at the end of the day, you need to trust and enjoy working with who you've chosen to complete your project.


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