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Memorial Garden Plaques for Your Columbarium Project

1. How many options are there? 
2. How much does it cost?
3. Who does the work?
4. How can it be made easy? 
5. How can we order and install the memorial?
6. What goes on the memorial?
7. How long does it take to get it delivered?
8. How can we make this simple?
These questions are perhaps the most asked and discussed at the committee meetings as the columbarium project nears completion in the planning and design step. Regardless of the end design,
 the overall project, and the completion of the project, it all comes down to the family name placed on the niche front! This is what memorialization in our country is all about. We are a nation that remembers an
d memorializes our departed loved ones and that name on the niche front is the most meaningful step in the columbarium program process.  
Most committees make the process very simple by working with their columbarium company for the selection, design, ordering and installation of this most important step in the program.
Options for the memorialization include the placing of a cast bronze plaque, the installation of individual bronze letters and numbers, have the niche front sand blasted or incised, or have the name etched into the stone, depending on the type of stone selected. Images of the different types of memorialization should be provided to you by the columbarium company you have selected to partner with.
Cost factors for the different types of memorialization are very similar across the board. The columbarium committee needs to look at the different options, examine the pros and cons of each different method and make their selection based on good sound facts provided by their columbarium company partner.

Typically the installation of the memorial is done by someone on the columbarium committee or someone is trained by the columbarium company. The installation is rather quite simple and can be accomplished by a trained perso
n using the right process and materials.

Ordering of the memorial is easy and is accomplished by working with your columbarium company partner. They will i
nstruct your personnel in the proper method of installing the memorial and provide a detailed checklist to follow.
The ease of the installation of the memorial is accomplished by proper training, the use of the correct materials and by following a printed checklist. The installation process is easy and rather quick and when done correctly, provides the family with a loving memorial, properly installed, forever.

Typically the family selects to have the surname, first name, middle initial, date of birth and date of death for each member installed on the plaque or on the face of the niche front. Of course there are options, and these options can be considered and discussed by the committee.
Depending on the method and the material selected for the memorial, the time to produce or have the memorial incised can take anywhere from a week to 6 weeks. Your columbarium company partner can advise and consult with the committee for proper information and direction.



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