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Here’s an Idea for Raising Funds for your Organization

Many organizations are looking for creative ways to raise funds for their organization. Whether it is to just cover the day-to-day expenses, help with a building program, or send people on a missionary trip. There are a number of ideas you can find like selling candles, popcorn, cookie dough or magazines. Maybe you’ve tried the scratch card fundraising plan, or have set up a personal fundraising website to drive people to give to your cause without receiving anything. You can also raise funds through bowling alleys, pizza parlors or other types of restaurants. I’m sure that many people are willing to purchase a candle, eat at the restaurant on the set date so a percentage of the funds go to your organization. These opportunities can be fun, but how much funds does your organization actually see?  
First a committee needs to be selected and “charged” with the responsibility of putting together a Columbarium Program. They will interview several companies and will select a company to work with who will partner with them and help them develop a plan and a program for success. The committee will partner with a Columbarium Company and work on the design, cost, material selection and optional memorial products that will be incorporated into the final design. Be care that the company you are talking with isn’t going to submit an invoice and expect payment for just a conceptual design. Since this is a fund raising project, you want to make sure your columbarium partner is willing to work with you until the funds are raised to cover the project before charging you. Once these steps are completed, the steps for fund raising can now begin.
Round-table meetings and seminars to inform, educate, and respond to the comments and questions from the congregation need to be planned. These meetings will generate excitement and inform each and every member of the church. The meetings and seminars need to be conducted by and with the Columbarium Company selected for the Columbarium Program as they can reply and respond with exact facts and they bring in the product knowledge needed.
At the conclusion of each meeting or seminar, “reservations” are made, and an initial deposit for the purchase price is given . . . the process begins. In the reservation document, the additional payments are outlined and all of the details are listed and recorded in the document. This method of raising the funds for the construction of the Columbarium Program is the most used and the most successful way to generate the funding. The process is detailed and it does require sound business practices to insure success. The Columbarium Partner selected for the design and the construction of your program should provide your organization with a business plan that outlines and defines the steps in the fund raising process.
Follow the steps outlined, insure good record keeping and tracking of data, inform and educate the congregation as the program evolves into the future. Your Columbarium Company will work with you to develop brochures or literature that will inform and educate your congregation on the benefits of making the reservation for the Columbarium project.
The fund raising process is a step-by-step plan, that when properly executed will lead to a Successful Columbarium Program. Your Columbarium Partner can, and should, be your best resource for putting the plan in place.


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