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Cremation. Try looking it up on Google!

Have you ever typed the word “cremation” into Google? What did you get? After the sponsored ads, I got locations in my area I could go to that I could get a cremation done. Then of course Wikipedia with an accurate but cold statement of what cremation is. ( ) There is even a youtube video ( ) you can actually see a cremation being done! It is almost 5 minutes and over 1 million people have viewed it. (Me included) Next a website with information from cremation providers to merchandise you can buy to answer to questions you may have. ( ) 
By now you are probably wondering “what’s my point”? Maybe it’s just Google algorithms, but these are remains of people’s loved ones. Where is the heart? The respect? The concern for those left behind? You may be searching “cremation” to see if cremation is something you would prefer instead of in-ground burial or you may be searching “cremation” to decide about a loved one. If you are, don’t watch the youtube video!
As a person considering cremation for yourself, there are a number of reasons it is a good choice. But better than choosing cremation over in-ground burial, just having a pre-death plan in place is a good choice! You show how much you really care about your family and your loved ones you will be leaving behind.
Cremation means to burn up, to reduce to ashes. The process can take between two to five hours in temperatures around 1600 degrees Fahrenheit to 2100 Degrees Fahrenheit. There are bone fragments that remain. These are ground into a granule form, though still some particles may still remain.

Cremation can be less expensive than in-ground burial, but not in any way less dignified. Cremation remains are poured into a plastic, lined container or a cremation urn of the family's choice and preserved in a columbarium niche. The columbarium can be located in a cemetery mausoleum, or maybe on your church property, maybe at your alma mater, even retirement communities are building beautiful memorial gardens with columbariums. Your family and loved ones can still come and visit, just like an in-ground burial plot. Columbariums can be made of many different types of materials. Usually when they are outside they have granite fronts. A bronze plaque with your name and special personal information can be put on it, or the granite can be engraved, just like a headstone that an in-ground burial plot may have. Cremation is a different process but not less of a memorial.

If you are doing a Google search on the word “cremation” because you are considering this for a love one, first ask yourself, what would they want?


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