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Columbarium – A Ministry

A Columbarium can be a revenue source for a church or an organization but a Columbarium is a ministry. A ministry because it allows you to help a person with their pre-death plan, or help and comfort a family dealing with the death of a loved one or with the imminent death of a loved one. A Columbarium on the campus is a ministry to your members because they don’t have to search for a place, it makes the decision of where easy to make.

“Death ends a life, not a relationship”. It is the relationship that is important. The relationship you are building with the family and the relationship the family has with their loved one. You want to help the family to think through ways they can celebrate and remember their loved ones life. The pre-death planner may also want to plan a “celebration of their life”.
Pre-death planning is so important for us to do to help relieve the stress on our loved ones that are left behind. Many people do not want to deal with this type of planning. Some feel if they are talking about it, it may happen soon. But that is not the case. Death is a fact of life so it is better to deal with the planning of that event ourselves. As the person in charge of helping the pre-death planner, you will guide them through the details. You may want to provide them with a pre-planning checklist. If you would like to receive a pre-planning checklist please click on the button below.

You will not only help with the details for a family who has experienced the death of a loved one or with the imminent death of a loved one; but you will help with family member’s grief. This is the difficult part of providing a Columbarium to your members. A compassionate person who is called to comfort and consult people should be in this position; a person who will take time to listen. This person may want to have grief training, so that they will know the right words and say them at the right time. A Columbarium on your campus will help a grieving family feel connected to their loved one, week after week.

Maintaining the Columbarium is an important part of the ministry to the family. A Columbarium needs to be maintained with respect and dignity. If the Columbarium is outside in a garden area, you will want to make sure the Columbarium is kept clean, and that the garden area is groomed. If the Columbarium is inside, you will want to make sure it is dusted, and clean of finger prints. Any flowers or other memorabilia should be kept tasteful if allowed by the Columbarium’s regulations, if not they should be removed.

Some churches have services throughout the year in the Tribute area. Whether it is Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, or just a few Sunday services throughout the year to celebrate life, life eternal. These services provide comfort to the families and may bring families member who do not attend the church to the service. Having a Columbarium is an opportunity to provide a wonderful, homelike, resting place to your members.


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